Probiotic Rich Foods – Raw Milk Yogurt

Probiotic Rich Foods – Raw Milk Yogurt

The Good Guys in our Guts These days we are seeing more and more focus being put on maintaining our health by cultivating a healthy gut. The more we learn about the microbiome the more we are discovering that our health is intimately linked to the health of the...

Breathe, Give Thanks, Chew, Breathe

Today we see an unprecedented amount of attention being directed towards certain foods that are proclaimed to be healthy. From Kale to grass-fed beef, coconut oil to hemp hearts or eggs to sauerkraut there seems to be a ever increasing list of super foods and top 5...

Retreating with the RawBrahs

This past August I had the great privilege to attend the RawBrahs Traverse City retreat in Northern Michigan and to participate in an intentional community of amazing, growth minded individuals. It truly was a life changing experience and one which has given me a...

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