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Coming from a place of having little to no exercise or nutritional supplements in my life, Bryan was able to work with me to find foods, exercises, and supplements that were unique to what my body was lacking at the time.

Through working together, my depression spells have become less frequent and less intense, I am more motivated to take care of my body, and I feel less anxious throughout the day.

I’ve felt the positive impacts of these new habits and I am now making use of them on a daily basis. I feel more positive overall and ready to take on bigger goals in my personal and business life… Marco Furgiuele

Owner and Operator, 528 Recordings

I have studied the benefits of a healthy diet for many years & have witnessed personally how diet affects my physical, emotional & spiritual well-being.

I contacted Bryan for his expertise regarding customized supplementation & was very impressed with the depth of his knowledge. Bryan’s nutritional advice has been truly beneficial & after making some changes in my protocol, the results have been outstanding for my energy and cognitive function. 

His input regarding some personal challenges I was experiencing at the time has also been very helpful and his compassion & caring presence was just what I needed.

Bryan’s passion for his healing path in life is inspiring & the results for me have been wonderful.

Thank you Bryan.

Bruce Bray

Retired Automotive Mechanic turned Modern Renaissance Man

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