This is a conversation I had with new friend and fellow Torontonian Dean Dwyer.

Dean broke out from the traditional job world where he was a teacher for many years and became quite successful with through his health and lifestyle blog (BeingPrimal) back when paleo and primal / low carb was really kicking off (2012 ish).

He then wrote a couple books, hosted a bunch of podcasts, then recently took a year off from online before gearing up to launch his new show – Ideas Worth Stealing – which you can find at

We talk habits, walking, journaling and a bunch of other interesting and related stuff.

I hope you enjoy it and keep #RedefiningReality

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together

Jason Fried and Basecamp

Drew Canole – Fit Life TV

The Law of the Vital Few (Pareto Principle)

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