Balance in Practice, Beachfront Yoga & Obstacle Course Racing.

Elise Manolakos is a fitness coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has an extensive background in fitness training, running, endurance athletics and much more. She is also a world traveler and retreat host who is now offering monthly Self-Renewal retreats close to the city of Toronto. I actually met Elise through a group in Toronto called Toronto Entrepreneurs of Passion and Purpose or TEPP for short.

In this episode, we chat exercise, recovery tips, traveling the world,  building and connecting to a community, and much more. If you’re a woman and in the Toronto area please do check out her Retreats and enjoy an intimate time of self-care, sharing, and connection to nature.

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Outro Song: The Story of You by Satsang



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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Chi Running

Creatine Monohydrate

Cordyceps – Mushrooms for Athletic Endurance

Body Invest – Electrical Muscle Stimulation with Exercise

Elise’s Top 3:

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech – How to Live Before You Die

Gary Vaynerchuk

For Understanding Your Worth and Uniqueness (bonus 2 for 1)

Me, Inc.By Gene Simmons

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma


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