While I slow down, focus on healing my knee, and getting back into a regular recording schedule, I wanted to include this short episode so that you’re not left hanging for the week. It was originally recorded for my friend Kharisma’s Magazine, to which I contributed an article about crafting a Royal Elixir fit for a Queen (or King) that was essentially a high fat, cacao, coffee, collagen infused mug of deliciousness.

The Focus, because digestion is so crucial here to long-term health and success was to provide three potent and actionable tips for helping YOU to heal your gut and optimize digestion so here those are:


  1. Deep Mindful Breathing: The fastest way to calm your nervous system and get into a rest and digest/parasympathetic state of healing and recovery.

  2. Remove the Offenders: Take out the biggest offenders, namely Gluten and Dairy. Try a (2-week minimum, 4-8 weeks is better), Paleo cleanse where you remove dairy, grains, legumes, gluten etc. This is most important if you have chronically weak digestion.

  3. Add Extra Support: Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. Two of the best “staple” supplements that I use personally and recommend to clients.


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