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If you’re reading this then it means you’ve ended up on my site and want to know a bit about who I am and how I can help you. For this I am grateful.


My name is Bryan Hardy, I am a Wellness Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in optimizing Digestion, Hormones, and Recovery (surgical, athletic etc.)

I’m passionate about all things health and my mission is to educate and facilitate healthy lifestyle development for the many of us that are burnt out, depressed, dis-eased, and want to live optimally!

I believe that by embracing and studying the ways of nature we are able to find greater balance, wisdom, strength, peace, and vitality for our minds, bodies, and souls.

I work with clients to uncover and address the root causes of their health concerns in order to maximize their potential and achieve higher states of performance and well being.

My journey into health began when my appendix ruptured back in January 2010. This was both the most difficult and the most rewarding experience I’ve had the good fortune to endure. The rupture led to widespread infection and was the start of an ongoing journey made up of various digestive challenges including candida overgrowth, parasites, and bowel obstructions.

Along the way I’ve been through bouts of depression and anxiety along with some associated hormone imbalances – think adrenal fatigue, low testosterone etc – all of which have allowed me to experience and learn about the various issues that are prevalent in many of our lives today. It is from this knowledge and experience that I educate and coach clients so that they can empower themselves to have greater control over the health and functioning of their bodies and minds.

My education and experience is varied and has given me a practical,  wide angle approach to creating health and finding balance.

From most recent:

  • Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (graduated April 2015)
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 1 from the CHEK Institute
  • 5 months of living with and training under Shipibo Curandero Don Alfredo Cairuna outside Iquitos Peru
  • 1 year of Environmental / Life Sciences (honors) McMaster University
  • 2 years of Engineering Design Technology (honors) McMaster University / Mohawk College

Hopefully, some of what I share here resonates with you as we move together through this amazing journey called life.

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