This was a shorter (due to technical difficulties) but fun conversation with someone whom I really respect and who’s show (Align Podcast) I am a big fan of, Mr. Align Therapy himself, Aaron Alexander.

We chat about his journey into the body, movement, learning from pain, rites of passage, letting go of scarcity and much more. We both share a very similar passion for holistic and integrated living which is why I was so keen to talk to him and share his message with y’all.

It’s so important in our constantly evolving landscape that we find ways to connect the seemingly disparate aspects of reality into a more cohesive, understandable web that allows us to integrate and harmonize our thoughts, experiences, and ways of being.

He is a wealth of information, a dynamic individual and someone who’s zest for life is contagious. There are many times when after listening to his show I just want to run around outside, bang on my drum around a bonfire, and explore my own capacity for strength, balance, and movement to a deeper degree.

Enjoy the show!

Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Aaron’s Website¬†

Aaron’s YouTube

The LSD No-Hitter Pitcher with Dock Ellis

How To Deal With Stress And Scarcity Mindset¬†– The New Man Podcast – we didn’t talk about this in particular but I thought it’d be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to let go of scarcity in general which is something you’ll hear Aaron and I both have in common.


A Prime Example form Aaron’s Instagram that demonstrates the kind of bad-assery he practices in his day to day.