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If you’re going to force something that wants to flow then you’re just going to create pain.”


This week I got to sit down and dive deep into a fun and insightful conversation with Anya Romanova. Anya is a certified coach who works with individuals and organizations in order to help them question assumptions and move forward with conscious intent. She is also the co-founder of Modern Love Project (MLP) which is a very cool initiative that helps create space for growth-oriented individuals to meet and connect with a facilitated and curated experience. “For couples and singles looking to love better, Modern Love Project is the new way to kindle passion, romance, and authentic love.”

We talked masculine feminine energies, the sense of urgency so common in the western world, FOMO, Tantra, Camp Reset, Play, nature connection and so much more. She has a great energy to her and a passion for enhancing the quality of life that got me enthused to create an upcoming meetup experience where we can gather together for some spent unplugged and connected to each other, and the natural world.


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