Astrology: Moving Beyond the Archetypal Forces and The Treasure in the Wound

This podcast was a fun one where I had the opportunity to sit down with my partner, lover and friend Lauren Mulhern of Balance Therapy Coaching to explore some of her gifts around astrology, integration and finding balance.

We talk about a more in-depth view of astrology, how to find inner balance by accepting and integrating our wounds, and how to honor your body by listening to its wisdom, eating seasonally, getting into nature and much more.

And Some Exciting News!


If you make it to the end of the interview you’ll hear about our upcoming Retreat happening August 5-7th at Grasshopper Island (Our Private Island for the weekend!) near Peterborough. It is going to be epic and if you are called to join us then make sure to contact us now and secure your spot! If local to the GTA then call Lauren’s number below or email me atĀ [email protected]




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Things Mentioned in This Episode:

Natal / Birth Charts

Jungian Archetypes

The MagicianĀ 

Ayurveda – Dosha Quiz

The Age of Aquarius

Luminous Center for Consciousness Advancement


Outro Song: