This conversation with my dear friend Clarity Bartleet was such a pleasure and I really hope that you gather a nugget of wisdom or inspiration through listening. Clarity is an amazing individual who is very multi-faceted and tapped into higher awareness. She is a registered yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner/bodyworker, women’s circle facilitator, workshop host and much more.
Some of the highlights in this episode include:
  • Her story, starting in the Matrix in Switzerland and how she came to call Toronto home
  • Hearing what a day in the life of a Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training Intensive is like
  • Hearing of her experience being bit three times by a scorpion
  • The importance of women’s work
  • The power of intention and the necessity for initiation
  • Learning from a Wild Crone Mayan Shaman and the best part of eating a mango
  • Tapping into intuitive movements and the inner knowing

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Every day is an opportunity for TRANSFORMATION; cultivating the things, the activities, the sounds, the music that you Love; nurturing yourself with the people, the language, the food and the places that make you feel beautiful and empowered. Every day is an opportunity to remodel yourself into what you believe to be your Higher Self; into the best version of yourself that will help you to Serve according to your Purpose. We all have the power to feed this reality with our affirmations, our visions and by embodying these high frequencies; by feeling this reality in our BODY and carrying it wherever we go. And by doing so, one can only hope to inspire others to do the same <3 Photo credits: Hana Wolf


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Shamanic Yoga Retreats with The Yoga Forest

Shamanic Archetype – A Course by Andrew Carmargo


Clarity’s Top 3

1.Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

2. Tuning into your Own Intuition and Messages from Spirit

3. Intentional use of Cannabis or Ganja