This podcast as you’ll hear may seem like a departure from the more health and digestion and biohacking kind of content you may be used to and yet, there is nothing more holistic than getting our food straight from the wild.

Furthermore, there are few activities that provide so much benefit to mind, body, soul, and microbiome then getting out into the woods and getting dirty, moving, meditating, breathing fresh air, and taking in everything that nature has to offer.

Clay Bowers is an amazing and well-rounded human that inspires me to continue moving down the modern hunter-gatherer pathway and it’s a pleasure to bring him to you.

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Notable Mentions:

  • Clay’s recent appearance on the Wild-Fed Podcast with Daniel Vitalis
  • Stinging Nettle – A Great Plant for Many Health Benefits
  • Clay and his girlfriend Madeline harvest over 125lbs of berries each year
  • Got roughly 100lbs of wild rice this year, his first-year he got 10lbs
  • He tapped 4 Maple trees in Detroit his first year doing Maple syrup
  • You can trap as many Beavers as you want in North Michigan where Clay lives, not that you’d want to, it’s just to show the relative abundance of their population at this point.

Clay’s Top 3 Resources:

  1. Sam Thayer –
  2. Meat Eater Podcast – Every Monday
  3. Youtube Channel – Primitive Technology

Outro Music: Into the Woods by Rob Riccardo