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This weeks episode of the podcast was very refreshing to record and features a great conversation with my friend Daniel Novak, Co-Founder of Crickstart, a functional food company that utilizes cricket powder as a staple ingredient in their delicious and well-balanced food products.

We talk about the need for sustainable ingredients and balanced nutrition as well as moving away from dogmatic dietary philosophies that only serve to divide and separate people into close-minded groups.

Daniel is a very thoughtful and sustainability-minded individual who is doing his best to provide a balanced approach to human nutrition and sustainable production which is what brought him to begin experimenting with cricket powder as part of his own health routine. This brought interest from others and before the business was born.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

Daniel’s Top 3:

  1. Tim Ferriss – On Being a Jack of All Trades

  2. The Food and Ag Report on Eating Insects

  3. Integrity and Transparency in Life and Business

One Thing Daniel’s Let Go of: Job security and a steady salary.

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