This episode features Dipa Chauhan-Patel Registered Pharmacist, mother, wife, and team member at the Living Proof Institute (free and fantastic email program in the link). We sat down to explore her story and to dive into her experience with surgical adhesions and small bowel obstruction, a topic I am intimately familiar with as I lived through it during my own healing process.

Whereas my story has a ruptured appendix as the triggering event, Dipa’s starts with what was intended to be a natural pregnancy but which ended up with her in emergency surgery. She shares the details of that story, the challenges she faced, and the resulting complications that led to even more surgery and hence reinforced the issue of adhesions.

These kinds of issues affect thousands of people around the world and the medical system has no satisfactory solutions outside of liquid nutrition and surgery which is a band-aid that ultimately leads to more adhesions and potentially a mangled digestive tract.

In this conversation, we explore ways to mitigate adhesions, the journey through emergency surgery, natural ways to break down scar tissue and a holistic approach to recovery.


Resources Mentioned:


Small Bowel Obstruction

Scar tissue Adhesions

Natural vs Induced Labour

Bio Oil – not recommended, this is so you can recognize and avoid it!

vitamin E for scars – maybe not actually doing anything, probably best to get it from your diet to heal from within

DMSO and a Great book on the subject Dmso: Nature’s Healer

Frankincense Essential Oil – USDA Certified Organic

Chamomile Tincture

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Electro Accupuncture

Proteolytic Enzymes

Cold Laser for Scars

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Clear Passages