This podcast as you’ll hear is very timely because in the wake of the COVID-1984 hysteria and fear-mongering there are health warriors and elders such as Dr Cass Ingram who have seen it all before, have treated it with natural remedies and wild herbs/spices and who have documented and shared extensively on the effectiveness of these formulas.

The truth is that none of us need worry if we keep our immune systems supported with the power of wild nature.

It’s why I travel with Oregano Oil at the bare minimum and take it prophylactically if I think I’ve been exposed to something or I ate street food in a foreign country or I swam in a lake and swallowed some water etc. You get the point, it’s my go to for killing any bacteria, virus, fungus etc that might try to invade my body.

In this episode,w we really explore some of Cass’s favorite formulas and hear how to use things like Black Seed Oil and Oregano Oil for sensitive cases and elder folks that might not tolerate these things internally as well as a young healthy person.

I hope you find this episode inspiring and that you follow Cass’ podcast to stay tuned with the info he is continually putting out into the world.

I’m sure your health and the health of your loved ones will be better off because of it!

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Resources Mentioned:

Cass’ Podcast the Wilderness Doc

Cass’ Books

North American Herb and Spice Products – CODE HARDY for 10% off

P73 Oregano Oil

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