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Today’s New years day episode is one that I’m really proud of and thrilled for you to dive into. I got to chat with Emilio Palafox who is an all-around awesome human that has been doing the deep inner work of transformation as well as biohacking for many years. We connected through a mutual friend and then hit it off as it’s not often I meet someone in the health that shares the same passion as myself for Men’s work and so that made this conversation all the richer!



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Mentioned in this Episode:


Tim Ferriss

Grant Cardone

Pulse Centers Locate

Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey

Academy of Brain-Based Leadership

Neuroptimal Biofeedback

Brain Octane Oil

Doterra Essential Oils



Rejuvenator RedLight Therapy by Leanna Venier

Exogenous Ketones



Emilio’s Top 3:

  1. Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer
  2. Holosync Meditation and Book By Bill Harriss – Thresholds of the Mind
  3. Men’s Work via MKP or Women’s Work with Women Within



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