Today’s shorter solo cast is all about how to stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder and keep your body-mind feeling great all winter long, particularly if you’re living in the northern hemisphere in a cold climate like I am.


For many of us, the winter can push us indoors, disrupt our exercise routine, disrupt our social rhythms and push us towards a dependence on sweets and caffeine. All of this can be prevented with a bit of daily maintenance, smart supplementation, and daily habits to keep you fit, energized, and feeling like your best self.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions lmk in the comments below.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Toronto Global Changemakers Event – Dec 13th, use code “changemaker2018” to save 50%.
  2. Light Therapy and my favourite device, The Human Charger (save 20% with code “HARDY20”)
  3. Omega 3 Oils – Fish, Algal (Cymbiotika, my favorite VEGAN source product)
  4. Vitamin D3/K2 – 5000 IU / 100-200 mcg per day is what I take.
  5. Tanning Beds, always get full spectrum with UVB in the bulbs.
  6. Sauna / Infrared Sauna
  7. My favourite winter time flow of tanning 5-10 minutes, workout 30-45 minutes, sauna/strectch 20-30 minutes, cold shower to finish!
  8. Meant to mention and forgot – Wim Hof Breathing for Meditation and Cold Exposure




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