This podcast with new friend and progressive physician, father, and published author, Nauman Naeem was a pleasure to create. When I first met Nauman I was in quite an altered state as it was during an incredible week-long retreat put on with 8 Shields that you’ll hear more about in the beginning of the conversation.

I particularly enjoy getting to sit down and make friends with Medical Doctors and those in the conventional medical system as it helps expand my perspective and remain connected to the often tragic reality of how we approach health, healing, and dis-ease.

We talk about his journey and experience with wilderness exposure/ancient living skills and the problems he sees in the current medical model and how he wrote his book in order to share that perspective and inspire others to explore the deeper levels of life our ability to heal ourselves.



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Nauman’s Top 3:
1. Nature
2. Life Experience till Now
3. Things That Make You Feel Alive