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It’s January 7th 2016 and it feels like Christmas.

Better than Christmas in some ways.

The reason being that today we’re receiving the Far Infrared Ozone Sauna that we purchased from BIOTRONIX Research Instruments at the Whole Life Expo last November.

They build these portable collapsible devices in house and don’t even advertise them online because they do such limited volumes.

It combines two of the most powerful methods of detoxification available today.

1. Infrared Sauna: Much can be said about the power and effectiveness of the infrared sauna – and people like Ben Greenfield and Wendy Myers have done just that – so I’ll just summarize some of the benefits and how it works.

Essentially infrared light (light in the red and orange spectrum that carries a good deal of heat) can penetrate our tissues, stimulate our digestive organs and adrenal glands, kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, yeasts and cancer cells as well as allow us to detox chemicals and heavy metals through sweating.

How Far Infrared Penetrates Into Tissue (picture from

How Far Infrared Penetrates Into Tissue (picture from

It leaves the skin beautiful, speeds healing, and encourages optimal health throughout the body.

They can also boost metabolism, fight infections, calm your brain (by drawing energy downwards in the body), improve sleep, tone the cardiovascular system and much much more.

2. Ozone / Oxygen / Oxidative Therapy: This is the second piece which makes this device so effective. You see ozone can be used to kill virtually all parasites, bacteria, yeasts, viruses and cancerous growths.

A highly oxygenated body is a dis-ease free vibrantly healthy body.

This technology has existed for decades and was championed by the late great Nikola Tesla as a way to increase human health.

Tesla was actually the first person I’m aware of to produce an Ozonated Olive Oil commercially – something which was used during the first world war by the Germans to treat infections – furthermore he produced a device that allowed “Breathing of ozone bubbled through olive oil and other oils which was widely practiced at this time, and the Sears catalog of 1904 offered a unit for this purpose using eucalyptus, pine and spearmint oils.”

Tesla's Commercial Ozone Oils (Picture from Tesla Magazine Vol. 4)

Tesla’s “Ozonized” Olive Oil  Source: Tesla Magazine Vol. 4

It seems crazy to think that over a century ago this stuff had been figured out. The good news is that although the medical establishment successfully shut it down back then, today there is no stopping the wellness revolution from continuing to grow and expand.

The power of the internet and the ability to purchase and / or build your own infrared / ozone sauna with parts from Amazon allows an extremely large percentage of us access to these most powerfully healing devices.

My parents initally had the sauna at their place, until yesterday – January 12th – and are now leaving for Sedona for a couple weeks so I’m gonna be using it at least 5 times per week and will report back with how I feel.

After my first 30 minute session this morning I felt completely relaxed and clear headed. It was amazing really how well it draws the energy down from your head towards your core.

I’ve had some stubborn infections – most of us do, we just aren’t aware – that have caused me some skin issues, low energy, compromised immunity etc. that I intend to conquer with the help of these new tools.

If you’re interested in trying a session or know someone who is suffering with a degenerative condition I am offering sessions in my space or in clients spaces at $1/min and $1.5 – $2 / min depending on how far I have to travel. It’s recommended to do 30-60 minutes 3-5x per week for about 2 years for most of us to completely release most of our toxic metals and chemicals that have been stored in our bodies for decades (this is according to Wendy Myers who has extensive experience in this arena).

I’m convinced that the integrative medicine of the future – which is now – will integrate these tools and that our homes and communities will be equipped with all that we need to stay healthy and well.

There was a great Canadian made documentary on Ozone therapy that after production never got aired – likely because the sponsors of the major networks have a lot to lose if this type of therapy was widely available – that detailed how countries across the planet like Germany, Cuba and many others in Asia and Africa have successfully implemented ozone as a low cost, safe, effective treatment for things such as Cancer, HIV, hepatitis etc.

It’s just North America where it’s been shut out and stuck into the realm of quackery and unsafe pseudoscience.

Well, I hope this has been as interesting for you to read as it was enjoyable for me to write.

Until next time, stay optimal and be well!