This episode is a shortened version of my story that covers the significant aspects that took place between my near death experience in 2010 that have led me to where I am today. I go through my ruptured appendix story, how I healed through that, leaving the country to live and study with a Peruvian Ayahuasca Shaman for 5 months, struggling to re-integrate to my life back in Canada to now being right in my element and fully aligning my work, play, and skills to serve the world and cultivate wellness.

It’s been a crazy ride and I now desire to inspire and educate whoever wants to listen. To share this message of empowerment, wellness and tribe and to build a better way forward so that the next generations can adapt and thrive in what is a fascinating and crazy time to be alive.

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Things Mentioned in this Podcast:

Aubrey Marcus talking Ayahuasca on the JRE

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Luz de Lupuna / Nature’s Hospital – The Place I Stayed at In the Peruvian Amazon

Love Letters to God by Nahko and Medicine for the People