Last week I had the pleasure of stepping into the Jal Gua cafe to enjoy a delicious meal of Kuan and sit down with the man behind it all for a podcast. I first met Emmanuel a year so ago when I was working up at Wholefoods in Yorkville. I remember his enthusiasm and boldness when approaching people in the store to talk about his product and so when I went over and found out that he is also a recording artist and former child soldier I knew that he had a story to tell.

Fast forward to more recently and I see him collaborating with my friends at the Global Sound of Love concert and then again at the Alternity event space and then it wasn’t long afterward that we recorded this episode.

We chat about his story, the challenges he faced, the power of forgiveness, education, and ancestrally appropriate real food. What stands out most when I’m around him is his passion for life and his desire to share the truth, joy, and peace with the world.

I apologize for the spotty audio quality as we recorded in the basement of the cafe but I trust that the message will come through. Just picture yourself being in there with us and tune into our voices rather than the background noise.
Outro Music: Scars by Emmanuel Jal feat. Nelly Furtado
Things Mentioned in This Episode:

Jal Gua

Jal Gua Cafe

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Moringa Powder Benefits

Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela

William Wilberforce

Dinka People

Magnetic Field of the Heart

The Practice of Forgiveness

Genetic Memory – Epigenetics

Crop Desiccants

Iron Deficiency

Copper and the Body

Chromium and Vanadium – 6 Minerals for Blood Sugar Control

Dr. Joel Wallach

How and Why to Eat More Vegetables by Dr. Tom Cowan