Julian Wojcynski is a fascinating human being and a fun person to connect with. After being hit by a car Julian had an out of body experience during which time he entered “hyper space” a.k.a. another dimension of reality and connected to very high-level information and energies which he was unable to ground and integrate into much later in life.

It was this struggle and ending up at the age of 26 weighing 140 lbs and with only 1 hour of functionality that helped him to find his purpose which now looks like training business people and individuals to use the systems of movement, breath, and language that he’s developed in order to bring alignment into the human being so that we can create what it is we are here to create in order to have more health, wealth, and harmony in our lives.

You can connect with him at one of his events via facebook or Meetup in order to get an experience of using these tools for yourself.

He also hosts something called the G-Walk which happens on Saturday mornings at St. Clair West Subway Station Exit, St. Clair Exit, South Side and is an excuse to get out, walk, and tap into your ability to learn, grow and expand.

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Notable Quotes:
“Who can you add to your team so that your weaknesses don’t matter?”

“Business in its simplest form can be played like a team sport.”


Julian’s Top 34:

  1. RSC Business Group
  2. Design My Life – Meetup Group Events
  3. G-Life
  4. The Deviant’s Advantage: How Fringe Ideas Create Mass Markets by Ryan Mathews

As always you can book a free intro consult with myself to discuss your health symptoms and goals at THIS LINK.