Today’s show is a shorter solo-cast episode that was inspired, in part, through my experience of an intuitive bodywork/trauma release/Reiki session that I recently had with my new friend John of Kin Spirit who, as you will hear in the intro, has quite a unique and powerful way of working with the body-mind to release stored energies that are no longer serving us.

In the session, he noted how my liver needed some love and helped me to release some of the tension and anger that had been stuck, rather unconsciously, in my tissues and was causing unnecessary stress.

So naturally, this led me back to the practice of spring cleaning and liver flushes and highlighted the fact that I’ll be doing a talk at The Big Carrot on Thursday, March 15th, 2018 all about cleansing and parasites in particular.

I hope this sparks new awareness and insight into your own health practices and I very much look forward to seeing some of Y’all in person at my upcoming talks and events.

Until next time, be well and love your liver!


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