My last shipment of brain enhancing neuro-modulating powders arrived last night and this morning I was giddy yet again to take them for a test drive. My first stack combo was 10mg Noopept, 500mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 250mg Alpha GPC and roughly 250 mg Centrophenoxine. I had it with my morning green drink which consisted of 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Lemon Lime, 1 tbsp ACV, ½ tsp Vit C, ½ tsp MSM, stevia to taste and 1 tbsp XCT oil.


In the hours afterwards I notice my appetite isn’t ravenous like it sometimes is which perhaps is the Carnitine boosting fat metabolism + the XCT. It’s nice to not be ravenous when working and I find it allows me to stay in my work flow for longer.


About 35 minutes later I had just finished my 5 rites practice and found that I was more engaged and able to keep a quiet mind as I tuned into my body.


I also experienced being hit with floods of ideas for blogs, periscopes and podcast topics that I want to explore in the future. (Podcast equipment is in the mail!)


I then went down to the gym because if I don’t workout in the first half of my day then it doesn’t typically happen and because I’d been dealing with a cold through the changing of the seasons I hadn’t been exercising as much as usual so my body really needed the sweating and movement.


My gym time consisted of a circuit of pullups / chinups, dips, handstands, back bridges and goblet squats. I definitely noticed that I could contract and engage my muscles with more intensity and focus than usual. I found a strong ‘pop’ at the top of my pullup range that lasted for 3-4 reps longer than usual.


Now they say that Noopept is 1000x stronger than Piracetam and I can definitely see why. 10 mg is such a tiny amount of substance yet the effects are strong.


About 4 hours after dosing and after downing a power packed plant based recovery smoothie I felt a slight headache. I took 250mg of Rhodiola Rosea as well as Fish oil, Vit D, K2 and Magnesium.


I’m took another cap of Centrophenoxine (about 250mg) and some more Magnesium and 10 minutes later there is no headache to speak of. The rest of the afternoon and evening went smooth. My words flowed easily, my memory was sharp, my mood was calm but engaged.


My awareness is still sharp as I write this at 10:23pm. Definitely a good day for cognitive and physical performance!


The next day I started with the same stack and did 500mg of centrophenoxine right off the bat and there was no real headache to speak of. For a brief moment I felt the beginnings of one and then it quickly passed. I guess 500mg is more of a suitable dose for me in this regard.


The day after that I felt called to go back and try Piracetam at a slightly higher dosage to compare it with my Noopept experience so as of this writing I’ve got roughly 2400mg of Piracetam, 500 mg of Centrophenoxine and 500mg of Acetyl-l-carnitine in the system along with my green drink and coconut oilly morning tea (herbal caffeine free blend today).


Piracetam still provides a nice focusing effect but doesn’t pack the same punch as Noopept. I like that the risk of headache is far less and feel like it’s subtler action could be a good fit for many.


I’ve now done 5 days with 10mg doses of Noopept and pretty much all the results have been great. Only twice did I feel a slight headache but when combining it with centrophenoxine that hasn’t been an issue.


It gets me alert, focused, and flowing in my work better than caffeine ever has and seemingly without the adrenal stress which is always a nice bonus.


I’m intrigued to experiment more and see what kind of benefit my parents might be able to get from this in terms of preventing alzheimer’s / cognitive decline. My Mom’s mom suffered greatly with alzheimer’s and dementia in her later years so this combined with an anti-inflammatory diet and active lifestyle could be a key component to long term brain health.


My thoughts are that if we ensure we’re getting ample amounts of dietary fat, MCTs, antioxidants and something like Noopept that we can potentially use this as a treatment and preventative for cognitive decline.


Given the scary rates of Alzheimer’s development it seems like a pretty safe strategy that is extremely affordable and without risk of significant side effects.


I mean just look at this Infographic I pulled from And though they claim that it is not preventable, slowable or curable this -in my opinion – is simply because they aren’t using the right approach. Expensive drugs and surgery aren’t going to fix your brain when the damage has been accumulating for decades. The key is to never let it happen in the first place by learning to take care of your brain early on.

alzheimer’s “facts” according to


Alzheimer’s has been dubbed type III diabetes or diabetes of the brain and it seems Noopept has a way of preventing or even helping in treating that.

According to even Centrophenoxine on it’s own is efficacious in treating dementia and removing plaque buildup in the brain. It’s time for the folks in the medical world to wake up and realize that healthful longevity is possible and that prevention through more natural and safe means is the best path forward.


Had you heard of Noopept or Centrophenoxine before reading this?


There are some great resources I’ll include below that are worth checking out. These are definitely potent white powders with some great effects in my experience and the experience of thousands of other bio-hacking self experimenters.


Let me know of your experience or if you’re interested in trying. I ordered mine through Absorb Health on Amazon


Till next time.


Be well and stay healthy!


Bryan Hardy


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