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This episode features my friend and fellow brother Oliver Manalese who I’ve been blessed to connect with along the path of growth, wellness, entrepreneurship, and serving others. When I first met him in person after being introduced by a┬ámutual friend on FaceBook we sat down for about 3 hours at Whole Foods and he just simply remained curious and asked questions to get to know me and understand where I was at in that moment.

At the time I was in quite a stressful place and was trying to decide between about 8-10 various business and job opportunities and was feeling overwhelmed. During that time the reflection and perspectives he gave me proved to be very valuable.

Here’s our Facebook Live – though be warned that if you just watch this you will miss the end where Oliver breaks down his top 3 things that turned into a super valuable deep dive into making peace with your past, loving your present, and having a vision for the future.



He has a new program coming up in 2018 that you can check out in the video below in order to see if he can be of service to you along your path.



“Who I am as a gift, is to know you.” – Oliver Manalese

“Are you deficient in vitamin seen?” – Bryan Hardy




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Oliver’s Top 3:
  1. Making Peace with the Past Self
  2. Daily practices and self-care for yourself each day
  3. Creating a vision for the future self

Outro Song: Dinner Party by Nahko and Medicine for the People