This week’s show comes again from the Live Holistic Biohacking series at Alternity and is me and my friend Roland Pankewich diving into the brain and breaking down how we can optimize its function through biochemical, meditative, environmental, and other means. Roland is a fellow Certified Nutritional Practitioner whom I met in class at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. He has a background in exercise/personal training and now works as an educator for Athletic Therapeutic Pharma (ATP).

We chat about leaky gut/leaky brain syndrome, the difference between true hunger and a blood sugar crash, some of the best foods for brain health, how women can convert more ALA into DHA, some great supplements for cognitive performance as well as the emerging field of Health Optimization Medicine.


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Metabolic Mastery Radio




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Mentioned in This Episode:

Health Optimization Medicine

Bulletproof MCT Oil (XCT)

Woman converting ALA into DHA better than men

Preformed Ketones

Mct oil powder




Roland’s Top 3 – Brain Health Specific:


Improving Metabolism (optimizing your cellular energy production)

Exercise (specifically HIIT)