This is a discussion I had with my friend Simon after he had partaken in a Shamanic medicine ceremony using DMT. Having experienced this medicine myself I was eager to hear of his experience and how it had impacted him and then to share it out with y’all because these tools are some of the most potent transformation catalysts when used in the proper context and with the right people. These are not party drugs, these are very sacred medicines that need to be respected and treated with honor.

As documented in DMT The Spirit Molecule (Documentary and Book) this is a universally abundant neurotransmitter that is found in many plants around the world as well as within our own brains. It is theorized that DMT is synthesized within and released from the Pineal Gland during dreams, intense stress states and near death experiences which is why it makes intuitive and experiential sense that this molecule can bring us into the realm of spirit.

When people describe the white light or their lives flashing before their eyes, it points to the idea that something is going on in the brain that although associated is not necessarily caused by the mixture of endogenous chemical substances of which DMT is one of.

We know via quantum physics that multiple levels or dimensions of reality are always co-existing and the ancient spiritual teachings point towards this often forgotten (by the materialistic scientific paradigm) aspect of life. With the aid of substances such as DMT one has the ability to directly experience such dimensions and thus fundamentally shift the way that they perceive life, usually in a beneficial direction associated with a deeper sense of connectivity and appreciation for the energy / force / love that binds us together and enables life to exist in the first place.

Unfortunately, the audio quality of the final part wasn’t up to snuff and this was where Simon shared that his relationship with his father which was historically very angry and turbulent has since shifted and he finds himself free from the attachment into said anger. Things just don’t stick or affect him in the same way which to me is a powerful testament to what happens when we undergo these types of transformational experiences.