This weeks guest is a dear friend a brother on the path and someone who has helped open my eyes and soften my heart towards the deeper aspects of reality. Jesse Stewart is a spiritual psychotherapist, musician, sound shaman, magician, lover and much more. His loft near Trinity Bellwoods park is the most healing space I’ve experienced inside Toronto as it’s decked out with bio geometrical harmonizers, sacred geometry, and has the Earth Calm system running to counteract EMF.

As you’ll hear in this episode Jesse likes to dive deep into the realms of the unseen and is on a path of awakening our spiritual nature to it’s fullest extent while still remaining grounded to the earth and to the community of movers and shakers that we’re both a part of.

His latest project The Spiritual Bootcamp is a fusion of Tantra, Dyading, and the Anthroposophical teachings of Spiritual Science through the legacy of Rudolf Steiner and is open to any who feel called and are ready to commit to 6 months of intense personal and spiritual development. Having personally experienced the Tantra / Dyading beta group last year I can speak to it’s transformational and enlightening potential. Working with the ancient energy systems that are present in our bodies is powerful and can unlock psychedelic / mystical experiences that most of us would associate with plant medicine journeys.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


Iron John: A Book about Men

http://partnershipplanet.com – Jesse’s Personal Website