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This was a fun episode with a good friend, Ms. Antuanette Gomez. We actually met at The House of Yoga two years ago and had a great connection and so it’s been fun to see how we’ve grown across that time and how our paths have contained many similar elements. Antuanette is a driven, young, moving and shaking entrepreneur with ties to the cannabis, yoga, fitness, nutrition, film and entertainment worlds who works as a coach, product creator and event facilitator in Downtown Toronto.

In this episode we focused on her more recent adventures into tantra and how that’s affected her relationships and the way she views energy exchange / love. We also touch on health habits, routines, and much more.

Antuanette is a featured expert and speaker at the upcoming Awakened Woman Conference in Bali where a beautiful tribe of powerful women and men will be gathering for what I’m sure will be an EPIC time. Checkout her stuff and stay tuned because this woman is going places and doing big things to make this world a more harmonious, healthy, and love filled place.

Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Awakened Woman Conference – Promo Code: GOMEZ

Lucy Becker – Toronto Based Tantra Facilitator

Jewel in the Lotus/The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness

Zen Living Lifestyle – Her Personal Website
Pleasure Peaks – Her Cannabis Lube Company