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Today’s podcast is a doubleheader with two awesome individuals I had the blessings to meet and spend time with at last October’s Toronto Biohacking Summit.

The first guest is Tim Gray, Tim has been in the health and bio-hacking space for 5-6 years now and has been busy solving both his own health challenges, founding the London Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre, and organzing the London Bio-Hackers Meetup group. He is a well traveled individual with a wide perspective who is now set on bringing everyone together under the Health Optimisation Banner so as to remove the often misunderstood label of “Bio-Hacking” and create a larger platform for health leaders and the rapidly growing community to collaborate within.

My Second guest is Teemu Arina, Professional Speaker, Curator of the Biohacker Summit, co-author of the remarkable BioHackers Handbook, and all around fascinating character who truly makes a profound impact through his roles as an educator and connecting this global community at epic events across the planet.

Both interviews are on the shorter side so I figured I’d package them up together and get you a double dose of goodness, especially because it’s been so long since the last release and I’ve been itching to get this one produced and shared.

Unfortunately the audio got messed up a bit in his interview so please bare with it and listen through as it’s short, sweet, and offers some great tips and insights.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions lmk in the comments below.

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