Wendy Myers, creator of Live to 110, is the queen of detox and definitely knows her stuff. It was so fun to connect and share her story and some of her best practices when it comes to detox, heavy metals, mitochondrial health, increasing energy and being optimal. I had the pleasure of actually winning a golden ticket a couple years back via Dave Asprey’s biohacking quarterly box and we’ve been connected ever since.Her Mineral Power Program which involves a hair mineral analysis and a customized supplementation protocol proved very useful and helped bring awareness to certain things I hadn’t been paying any attention to when looking to improve my own health issues.

Her upcoming book is sure to be a best seller and well worth looking into, especially if you’re struggling with energy, fatigue, brain fog or the myriad of other symptoms that are often associated with heavy metal and environmental toxicity.



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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Limitless Energy (New Book)

Sources and Symptoms of Toxic Metals

Jonathan Landsman

Coffee Enemas

PectaSol-C, Modified Citrus Pectin


NES Health

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Wendy’s Top 3:

  1. Vaxxed Movie
  2. chriskresser.com
  3. chrismasterjohnphd.com

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