The way of the medicine person is one of dreaming the world into being.

This same concept is used in a lot of the self help literature as a tool for creating the life that you desire. The basic idea is that time doesn’t exist in the way that we perceive it and so by visualizing and really getting a feeling for and a sense that what you want to achieve or do has already happened.

You create a picture in as much detail as possible and feel the feelings associated with that picture, you feel like it has already happened and on a very real level this is true. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between imagined or real events. This is why we are able to be re-program it and enable ourselves to tap into new ways of being that will turn us into the type of person that attracts whatever it is we truly desire.

With this is mind I’d like to take you on a journey. Into a potential future that I believe is not only possible, but probable as long as certain conditions can be established and personal freedoms granted. With that said let’s begin.


Imagine a time where the overwhelming majority of people are healthy, well, and vital

Where they are educated, informed, empowered, and motivated to actualize their potential

In this time health care is focused on promoting optimal well-being and not treating symptoms.

Education and prevention are more invested in then drugs and surgery

 Thoughts are seen as our most powerful tool for healing

Fresh, clean, nourishing food is widely available and convenient

Rooftops are home to gardens and greenhouses

We have time to nourish and nurture ourselves

Stress isn’t an epidemic plaguing us with tension, worry, and fear

Our bodies are flexible, strong, and capable of immense power and beauty

Our minds are wise, discerning, and led by free will rather than cultural conditioning

Where our souls are joyful, loving, and deeply embodied

The tools and technologies known amongst many to bring us towards health and balance are available to all who would desire their help

Propaganda and dogma are burnt up by the flame of truth and knowledge

People are empowered through technology and collaboration to govern themselves

Our lives are authentic expressions of uniqueness and passion

Sacred rituals are respected and practiced, giving purpose and meaning to our experience

Mental illness no longer exists and the concept of death as an ultimate end is laughed at

We learn from the past, live in the present, and create the future

We realize our place in the universe

We witness the end of all wars

The war on drugs

The war on cancer

The war on consciousness

All doomed to failure

All attacking symptoms of the underlying causes

We respect mother earth and realize that we are all connected in the deepest and truest sense

That the molecules I breathe were breathed by countless beings before me

That the soil that fosters all life is the result of billions of organisms synergistically executing their own unique purpose contained within the greater whole

We see that unpredictability does not equal randomness

That there is order within perceived chaos

That there is awareness, behind consciousness

This is the world that is being birthed into creation through the collective will of humanity

This is the world of infinite potential

This is the world in which I and countless others choose to exist

This is the world WE live in

This is home

Join Us Wont You?