It boggles my mind.

The fact that doctors routinely tell patients diagnosed with cancer that they have six months to a year to live.

That combined with the largely ineffective and outdated treatment options that are currently available frustrates and motivates me each time I’m reminded of the sad state of our sick care industry.

Leaving a patient anxious, fearful and like they’re staring into the abyss of what used to be their life seems like common practice these days.

ocean abyss

Staring Into the Abyss, In Search of Help, No Sign of Rescue.

I spoke yesterday with a potential client about her father’s “terminal” metastatic bone cancer which is why this is currently at the top of my mind.

He had prostate cancer years ago, had it removed, realized it had spread to the stomach, had that treated and was on hormone therapy and now has it in his bones and is being offered chemotherapy to which him and his family are all reluctant to undertake because they realize that it’s going to destroy his quality of life and it’s more important for them to have quality time with their loved one rather than see him waste away during chemo.

We spoke about supportive and alternative therapies which might help to bolster immunity, increase energy and appetite, and get him feeling better. Everything from Cannabanoid therapies using THC and CBD, medicinal mushrooms, ketogenic diets, oxidative therapies like ozone and high dose Intravenous vitamin C.

I assured her that there is much that can be done and that there is definitely room to increase quality and quantity of life without subjecting yourself to a medically supervised poisoning (a.k.a. chemotherapy).

Doctors have given him something like six months to a year to live if he doesn’t undergo treatment.

This to me is criminal! To use your position of respect and authority to tell someone they are going to die within the near future should be outlawed.

We know how powerful our thoughts are and that for better or worse they have a direct impact on our physiology.

Authors such as Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton have written great books on this subject which clearly demonstrate with real science how our thoughts impact our cellular environment and create our health and our life.

We need less fear based, limited, reductionist thinking and more positive imagination in our world and especially in our healthcare system.

What about a medical visit where instead of walking out of the room afraid and desperate after receiving a diagnosis, you were able to be walked through a process of creative imagination that was heart centered, uplifting and even humorous so that you walked out of the room empowered and thinking clear positive thoughts.

When a doctor uses their position of power and authority and tells someone “you are going to die within the next _____ months or years” they are planting a seed of death and despair that is likely to plant itself in the already susceptible mind and body of the patient. Thoughts create emotions (energy in motion) and the quality of the energy running through our brains and bodies has a very direct and profound impact on the functioning of our cells.

What we focus on becomes stronger, if we keep thinking “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, this is terrible, I’m sick, I have cancer.” then this only serves to reinforce the disease state and can’t possible bring us towards health.

My purpose and the work that I practice is to educate, motivate and empower people towards their greatest health. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to have a miraculous healing of their body by any means, but it does mean that I will do everything in my power to create the space in order for that potential healing to occur. I am going to be harness all the tools and knowledge that I have in order to help someone transform their mind, body and life because WHY NOT!?

We might as well shoot for the moon no?

What is the value of writing someone off as already dead?

Magic is real!

Life itself and the fact that you’re reading this is a miracle!

Why not infuse this magic into everyday life? Into the way we think, feel, speak and act. This is how we transform ourselves and the world around us.

The protection against a terminal diagnosis lies in our ability to not take anything personally. I got this reinforced recently after listening to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

What I took from this is that by practicing this agreement to not take anything personally we build ourselves a force field that keeps out the negative seeds which others try to plant in us through the use of their words.

If we don’t take things personally, these seeds cannot root within us and we maintain sovereignty over our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Wrapping up, I just want to say that if you or a loved one has been on the recieving end of one of these “You’ve got six months to live” diagnoses to know that there is always hope and that when you harmonize yourself  more fully with the laws of nature that amazing things are possible!

In Health,