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Client Testimonials

"I have studied the benefits of a healthy diet for many years & have witnessed personally how diet affects my physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. I contacted Bryan for his expertise regarding supplementation & was very impressed with the depth of his knowledge. Bryan's nutritional advice has been truly beneficial & after making some changes in my protocol, the results have been outstanding. His input regarding some personal challenges I was experiencing at the time has also been very helpful. His compassion & caring presence was just what I needed. Bryan's passion for his healing path in life is inspiring & the results for me have been wonderful. Thank you Bryan."

Bruce Bray, Toronto, Ontario.

bruce bray





"Bryan was amazing at motivating me to wake up early to train several times a week. He taught me many things about nutrition that I still remember to practice everyday and he made delicious and nutritious smoothies as rewards for our workout sessions 🙂 He helped me to tone and get stronger progressively so I would maintain my fitness throughout the year. I'm so grateful for the energy and passion that he put into my training and health. It really transformed me long term and brought a new perspective for me into what working out can be like.

Clarity Bartleet - Toronto, Ontario

"After I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, I enlisted Bryan's help as I began to navigate the confusing process of overhauling my lifestyle. After three month's of working with this kind, sensitive, and brilliant man, I am feeling better in my body than I have in years. I've completely quit eating refined sugar and have embraced a level of healthy living I never thought I'd achieve. Throughout the process, I've been astonished by Bryan's vast knowledge of the body and mind, and his expertise in nutrition, supplements, and alternative healing practices. To anyone looking for some help with changing how they relate to their body, I would highly recommend working with Bryan." 
JP King - Toronto, Ontario




"Working with Bryan was wonderful. He has a very calming presence and is incredibly knowledgeable - two traits that are a welcome relief for anyone navigating health concerns. Both the depth and breadth of his knowledge impressed me - there wasn't a single question I asked that he did not have a well-informed and thoughtful answer to. His skillset is nicely varied, and he always followed up with a lot of additional information that was very helpful. Reaching a healthy physical and mental state is a long journey, and Bryan is the perfect guide. I learned so much working with him, and I am feeling much better (both physically and mentally) thanks to his help. Thank you Bryan!"
Kirsten McCrea - Toronto, Ontario



It's hard to find a coach that you are willing to submit to. Healing is a process with challenges that are unique to the individual. Working with Bryan has allowed me to achieve a better balance spiritually, and his true strength comes from an ability to flow with your energy. Whether you're a type A personality or a kindred spirit, his approach will adapt to complement you. Adopting new habits is hard, having Bryan on your team definitely makes it easier. When we first met I was so narcissistic that I didn't even know what the word meant. Now I humbly serve my family, friends, and network without feeling a sense of inferiority. Thank you Bryan, it's amazing how much I've grown under your guidance.
Simon Liu, Mississauga Ontario




Bryan has a gentle yet powerful coaching style. He walked me through a workout and assisted me along my health transformation journey. Before working with Bryan I felt overwhelmed by the options of workout programs. After seeing how simple and fun it can be to design my own programs, I feel confident and self-directed.

Nick Ward, Toronto Ontario





Remember, your body is the only place that you have to live and it's your responsibility to take care of it.


If you want to get the most out of life and feel the vitality and well-being that is your birthright then let's talk.





Be Well,


Bryan Hardy




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