This past August I had the great privilege to attend the RawBrahs Traverse City retreat in Northern Michigan and to participate in an intentional community of amazing, growth minded individuals.

It truly was a life changing experience and one which has given me a deeper understanding of how much influence our environment has on every aspect of our lives. From how much money we make, how healthy and happy we are, what values and beliefs we hold and the ideas that we buy into. Joseph Campbell talked about the need for de-tribalization in order to gain perspective on the cultures in which we’ve been born and I’ve found that each time I escape from my daily routine whether that be through a retreat or a vacation that I’m able to more clearly identify the factors which have shaped my life and my perception of the world.

The retreat was amazing and was a combination of practicing the principles of Radical Honesty and doing the difficult inner work, balanced nicely with outdoor adventures and connecting with nature and each other through play. The environment allowed us to be vulnerable and to shine the light of awareness onto certain aspects of our shadows in order to release guilt, shame, embarrassment and traumas of the past which we tend to carry for far too long, furthermore we were encouraged to exert, challenge and express ourselves through our physicality and strength through hiking, biking, kayaking, playing on rings etc.

I was amazed to see how even within this context where honesty was appreciated and encouraged I found myself withholding and deeming certain thoughts or desires to be inappropriate. This showed me just how deeply I’ve been conditioned and the self limiting compromises which I’ve made in an attempt to protect myself from potential consequences that are associated with being honest and open in our culture.

I will definitely have more writing to share on this in the future as well as forthcoming podcasts with the Brahs and other retreat attendees with whom I’ve formed very deep and loving connections.

Just want to encourage people out there to get real, get honest, and to do what is is YOU want to do in life!

peace,retreat bridge